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Red vs Blue

This is maybe the best web series ever....of all time. Agent Washington reference there. XD Don't know if this is bragging but just wanted to show I'm a fan too if you didn't see all my stuff just in case. But I love many other web series too. XD

More Mlp Fim what

I seriously thought I updated this thing last night but nope.

So here, yet I question this, not to sound rude..........why do we have the option to show off a gallery that isn't really full of our work? Maybe to spread the art. And you know that's the point of this. Since I am a Brony. I'd like to share many of the pieces or art or whatever I have faved on here. Including some arts that are very beautiful and grand. But also some so well done it actually looks like it's from the show. Comics, fanarts, vectors(Or whatever their tell you the truth I kind of like vectors. ^^;), and other things. It can be surprising but don't worry no porn. :XD: Yet I question that............why post that on this site when it's not allowed? But seriously I don't fave that crud on here since it's against the rules on this site. Or in the words of the Demon Sisters the RURU'S!


This kind of goes for the same reason like the MLP FIM faves thing. Also this is the 2nd time I wanted to post this cause I didn't install this last night. :XD: ^^; Also even if to me EG is still a part of MLP FIM. I will say I do support the film. And including defend as a movie that isn't so bad as I studied it. Not to sound like a smart butt. But it's far from the worse thing I've ever seen.

But also I hope this is supporting the group. For more news, updates, and other stuff on Equestria Girls join this group. :iconequestriagirls: The largest group on DA I think. Where they have contests, share news(Which is what I said lol.) and other things.

So yeah expect some awesome grand, and beautiful art in here. Whether comics, fanart, vectors(I told you I don't mind those cause I have no problem with them. Including I actually kind of like them. :XD: ^^;), and other things. Don't worry theirs no porn. :lol:

You I think of it......seriously just why? Why post it on this site didn't they read the rules(RURU'S!) or felt like DA wouldn't care.........just asking if you find any thing porn or whatever related in it. Anything Rule 34 report it or I guess inform me or Cassini90125. I just feel like saying that's all. :XD: Oh these faces.............^^;

Okay you know.....why yes the movie is very........very.........very flawed. Wow three like season 3 enough heh. But mostly.............I'd like to see more EG stuff then just ponies all the time. Despite of me faving a devation that features Derpy. Including explains all the problems with the film....and one long comment know...........I know I'm bringing a unneeded name into this. And yes my spelling and grammar is still bad. But you know............this is just EG....the first Baby Geniuses? Thanks computer address and YT for helping me with that word. And yeah my laptop fixes some problems........seriously.....try comparing Equestria Girls to Baby Geniuses.....and your talking to someone who has seen the film. Or you know I haven't seen this it to Garbage Pail Kids. Also just........don't get me started on Aliens vs Predator(2) Requiem heh which I would......but seeing and studying that film.......shows and makes of the greatest films of all time. I may be overreacting but good God. And I've been thinking this cause I just posted that poll concerning if I should buy this game ha. :XD: ^^;

Steven Universe

I question's 2:36 AM July 23rd 2014.....cheesy hands from Cheetos...Vanossgaming, two Diet Dr. Pepper's.....just I love this show.

Really forget that. But I adore the show as much as MLP FIM. Enjoy and yeah this is gotta be the last of the showing off faves stuff it's dumb I know. Including other ways to make this profile look interesting lol people. Well I feel like listening to my Ipod.

Well it's the next day. For a better info thing okay says description. It took me time I think to like this show. Now as I am a fan of it. I see this kind of little emotional thing with it. Including it has a charm also to it. Also while being silly in many parts. I don't know I'm just saying the show it great. I think it's just theirs a CN show I REALLY like, for others I still like them. In fact almost all of them I think. I don't know just the show is great.


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I'm a noob at this so here I go.

Yes the title is that cause I'm quite new to this box thing custom here. Bad grammar right there but hey I go I suppose. XD

:iconrvbtuckerplz: :iconsaysplz: In song please, exuse me my dear's just let me please I feel like bangin some chicks around here.

*Gets bitc* slapped by Carmelita and Callie*

:iconrvbtuckerplz: Oh right BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: IN other words you seem to fail Tucker.

:iconrvbsimmonsplz: :iconsaysplz: Oh bullcra*, I wanna see you do better oh that sounded sexual.

:iconrvbtuckerplz: :iconsaysplz: Indeed it did BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: Okay fine here let me show you how I get things done or that sounded sexual too. Don't you say it.

:iconrvbtuckerplz: :iconsaysplz: Your right it seems to get repeative.

*Grif goes up to Callie Briggs from Swat Kats*

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: Exuse me Miss. Briggs but you don't mind that we have sex in the middle of the lunch room in this building if that's alright with you there.

*Gets kicked in the balls*

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: OW! *Falls to ground holding his nuts* Okay at least that wasn't as hurtful as it was from Tex. *Saying that in pain*

:iconrvbtuckerplz: :iconsaysplz: Bullshi* man that's just dumb right there! Also the lunch room in public really.

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: *Still in pain* Yes in public but f**k should of known of why people are alone, and why am I acting dumb or something?

:iconsargeplz: :iconsaysplz: Cause you are dumb dumbnuts! And lazy too!

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: *Getting back up* Yet you are right but still I don't know about all about secret sex yet who cares what you say old man. Luckly I know a lot more then you, or wait we all almost have the same intelligence right Simmons?

:iconrvbsimmonsplz: :iconsaysplz: Correct from the stats I have studied and made. Yet Caboose, Doc, your sister, and me are quite different.

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: Wait you have stats!?

:iconrvbsimmonsplz: :iconsaysplz: Of course what did you think I doing in my room?

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: Probely masturbating.

:iconrvbsimmonsplz: :iconsaysplz: *sigh*

:iconrvbdonutplz: :iconsaysplz: Really guys you should actually treat women with some respect, no matter what race they are. Besides I think a lot of them like being around brave, respectable, honest, and nice guys too.

:iconcabooseplz: :iconsaysplz: And that's why I'm gonna gave Miss Carmelita Montoya Fox these flowers. She was surprised, and really, really, liked them. She said that my armor color reminds me of a dear ex boyfriend she used to date. She's as nice as Shelia when you be nice to her. Also she's tough, I like tough girls, but they scare me too like Tex.

:iconrvbdocplz: :iconsaysplz: See even Caboose learned that, also I worked on that stats chart with Simmons too.

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: Okay when I said doing I didn't mean that in sexual way but oh my now that I think of it, oh my. And did I just say oh my?

:iconsargeplz: :iconsaysplz: Nonsense!, you men need to learn what women really want, they want a tough, badas*, hansome, killing machine LIKE ME!

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: And that just proves you might never get laid Sarge, in fact you never told us about that.

:iconsargeplz: :iconsaysplz: Griffffffffff!

:iconrvbdonutplz: :iconsaysplz: Hey guys I wanna tell you that I asked Carm and Callie to have a sleepover at this building, but they said no, and I told them it wasn't sexual, but they still said no......I'm not gay.

:iconsimmonsplz: :iconsaysplz: You seem gay?

:iconrvbdonutplz: :iconsaysplz: *Gasps* How did you Simmons!?

:iconrvbsimmonsplz: :iconsaysplz: Sorry, just saying that's all.

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz: If you were a woman you might be lesbian.

:iconrvbdonutplz: :iconsaysplz: Grif what the f**k are you talking about?

:icongrifplz: :iconsaysplz:........I don't know exactly.

Or always want now lol. But I'd thought of this when I was in the shower.

Including since the whole thing of just.....realizing of how Age Of Extinction is. Also the seems to emotionally hurt me in a way of how is this happening man?

But a Transformers film I do want techinally actually man. Is one who doesn't view Transformers as toys/action figures. I'd feel I would be insulting people or whatever hehe...but no really. Think of the war for Cybertron. Something kind of like World War 2, but with Star Wars mixed a bit. Yet also just mostly giant robots that have all this tech. Imagine a Transformers movie that's both 2D animated not like the Disney thing. But I would like to see more 2D animated films that have like animation something we see on regular tv. Like MLP FIM, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and other shows. Also Equestria Girls but that's a movie only right now the series will debut soon ha man. Also imagine scenes with amazing CGI robots like you see in the movies, Transformers Prime, and the War For Cybertron, and Fall Of Cybertron games man okay, m'kay?

I would like a story that takes the elements of other Transformers sources. That mixes them up into one. Have a story that's not just action packed. But shows the emotional toll between not just humans yet Autobots. Also yeah we can have silly moments as long as it's good. Give us a theme like the story is the Autobots are already on Earth like Transformers Prime. And the idea that if the American government doesn't reveal them to other countries. This might end up into World War 3, including just the peace between countries is in the balance. But also give a villain a reason, a sole reason why are they evil, make them menacing not just with words but their actions. Try out new things, and look at other sources like this might make a new story.

Think about it, Optimus Prime throughout the years he's a wise, brave, intelligent, but kind leader. And a father figure to ether Autobot or human. He's seen things throughout the war for Cybertron. Including the thing about war how it can destroy friendships, cause death, also how much of an impact it can cause on things. Yet in the middle you can find the most simple of things that can make you happy. All those years imagine all that happened, like relationships? Also explore more of the universe, showing theirs more to then the war for Cybertron.

Really I should just upload this quick my cousin, nana, and step grandpa I feel will be here soon. My mom said 40 minutes or whatever man. Or she's just talking to my bro who got his boot off, and his leg is fine now hehe. I'm crazy for posting this so yeah.

Update should mention Chinese food grand, and okay yes all three of them are hehe okay man. Also my bro yeah despite well he's gotta wear the boot if he's gotta go some where. But mostly inside he can take it off or go swimming or some shit like that. So it was broken. Also one of the guns which I call a shotgun the handle is not un stuck which was to me the right hand one lol....despite well you can fuck it man hehe....he's still on my bed....just using my imagination just his design.....I do quite like.
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Should I tell you....ummmm?
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United States
hi everyone this is sonicladiesman11 :iconnoblooplz: :iconbloolaplz:

: dev username: Without spaces. SonicLadiesMan11 Thanks again :iconblue-spritz: for showing it again. This time without me seeing the journal preview. XD

(I copied this and had problems like deleted a bit from that quote part. But I'm trying to make this ID look a bit cleaner. Also deleted some other things. So here people.)

Really I could say I'm some guy who enjoys watching Steven Universe, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Red vs Blue, and many other things. Including being a huge fan of Spiderman, Transformers, Predator, Alien, and other things. Also being a collector of video games in some case. I just like to expand my liking for many things. Also that of me being some what this fan boy/lover of the Crystal Gem named Pearl. But also loving ALL the other Gems including Amethyst, Garnet, and Steven. I'm typically a child still at heart. Who's seen a lot of things. In fact I'm still a teenager lol. Also fan of animation and try to see a lot. Or something like that. Just saying I'm a fan of animation too. Can't see everything maybe lol. Or that's just me. ^^.;

(Cause of this update just here are some facts if you want. I had to press my profile name or whatever to start over this update I am now typing ha.)

A simple quote(Laptop fix that lol that's all hehe. :XD: ^^;) I do feel is quite strong. Including I ant to post other ones if I feel....whatever heh. :XD: ^^;

“Think you can’t write women? Don’t. Write people and make them women.” - Lauren Faust
*Also thank you Gameboysage for showing that heh that's all people.:lol: Enough dang it damn it.*

1. Artist only draw when I feel like it. Mostly if I have drawn too much or something like that.
2. Big gamer really sometimes. Play almost everyday. Faves are Sly Cooper, Halo, Gears of War, Uncharted, Devi May Cry, and so much more oh rah yeah. XD
3. Big fan of Red vs Blue.
4. Extreme anger issues sometimes.(Improved I've been getting better I think heh no I'm serious people yeah.)
5. Can't understand jokes and sarcsm sometimes.
6. My grammar's bad as you can see the last one. Yet I try to improve and explain my mistakes.
7. Collector of action figures, video games, movies, and other stuff too.
8. Movies guy, their cool.
9. Critic but in my own way.
10. Likes cartoons very much. I dig a lot of them. ;)
11. Loves surfing the web AKA the Internet. Even love seeing vids on Youtube.
12. Digs chicks and guys mostly chicks I guess I'm Bisexual. In other news in the words of Tucker from Red vs Blue.

:iconrvbtuckerplz: :iconsaysplz: BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!

13. Offical masturbater.
14. Have a bondage fetish yeah indeed. In the words of Donut from Red vs Blue.

:iconrvbdonutplz: :iconsaysplz: Make me sooooooooo horny!

15. A very nice guy really. But it's different in real life when you meet me of some sort yeah.
16. Smart person yet to me I think I'm not that smart. I feel I'm at the level of Caboose.

:iconcabooseplz: :iconsaysplz: Yeah but the tree seemed to like you best.

17. One of those guys that would have crushes on fictional characters and sometimes real people.
18. Once cyber bullied once thought I was trolling.
19. Got a in class supesion for touching a girl and threating to hit her with a calculator, yet my parnets thought I learned the point so they didn't ground me.
20. Gets lots of ideas from seeing stuff. Take it away Sarge!

:iconsargeplz: :iconsaysplz: TERROR IN THE SKY TERROR IN THE SKY!

21. Now just one more thing I'm actually a big Brony. Not a rabid one but one fromt eh good side not the haters or other ones. Sorry to brag yet I am a good one like :iconpandasennin: and :icongreat-5: What I am putting here is inspiered by what Great-5 said on his profile.
22. I have Autism just wanted to tell you that's all. But I'm not that bad just saying people that's all. ^^;
(Also with me having Autism I seem to be just.......very different I may act what or whatever I'm trying to say. I may overreact, may be insulted for some reason. Not to sound stupid and no offense but heh yeah. ^^;)
23. Their is one thing but I feel it's better if you ask..........cause I just......yeah.
Update after posting that journal about this topic here.… Heh heh......yeah people. ^^;

Was some what trying to make it like Great-5 and Pandasennin's ID along with ikuntyphoon.

Friends(I have many but here's some more on very bottom.) :iconchowderluv: :iconwinterdominus: :iconpandasennin: :iconajleefan4life: :iconsuperrux123: :iconjarredspekter: :iconatrixfromice: :iconcassini90125: :iconnyanferb:

My own personal quotes. If I ever feel like posting new ones and old ones whatever. :XD: ^^;

Stamp collection new one. Forget the other part really I put those when I was younger. But I wanna keep them cause I mean that was a lot of work and I like the whole long page thing that people notice and talk about. XD

This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl My Little Pony FiM Virus Stamp by Toxic-Mario Pony OC Stamp by Notgonnadie Ponify stamp by LacedHarlot Get Over It by h-irsch I like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasion NO THEY'RE NOT THEY'RE VAMPIRES by endler Guilty Pleasure, Actually Good Feedback, The Same by endler Twilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlecho MLP: Twilight Sparkle stamp by ColorSplashArts Twilightlicious Stamp by 2ButterBall3 Twilight Sparkle Alicorn Stamp by NightSilverChelly Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Red vs Blue stamp by ashleywhttkr Red VS Blue Stamp by pillze69 Caboose Stamp by janelle182 Protect Me Cone by RabbitsEars master Chief Stamp by sJ-eP Cortana Stamp by sJ-eP Frankie Foster Stamp by LoudNoises Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Stamp by shadowleigh Gravity Falls Stamp 2013 by ScittyKitty Wendy Stamp by LoudNoises Nazi Zombies: Nikolai by eminery Tank Dempsey Jugger-Girl by RuthlessDreams Sgt. Reznov Stamp by leadervance Call of Duty 5 World At War by 3enzo Call of Duty: Black Ops by ZangRap Black Ops 2 stamp by Coley-sXe I Love Harper by Coley-sXe I love AMason stamp by Coley-sXe Modern Warfare 3 Stamp by ADDOriN Modern Warfare 2 Stamp by 3enzo Ray gun stamp by muddyputty CoD: Black Ops: Ray Gun by RuthlessDreams Dr. Richtofen | Call of Duty Zombies Stamp by xStarFoxfangirlxx Watch cartoons over adult shows stamp by TigerFey My Little Pony Porn? So What. by TigerFey Sonic stamp by SonyaLS Star Wars Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid Storm Trooper Stamp by HappyStamp Twilight Sparkle stamp by AmazingPony Twilight Sparkle 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans Twilight Sparkle Stamp by harvestcheddar She is NOT a villain... by Great-5 Predator STAMP by RaphaelaTheTurtel Horror Killer Stamp by RaphaelaTheTurtel AVP by CELphotography AVP Stamp by GAMEKRIBzombie Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose They deserve more attention! by PandaSennin AVGN Stamp: Sex Phone-Line by The-B-Meister Nostalgia Critic stamp by NickyVendetta :thumb239071711: :thumb239889658: GGGEEENNNNIIIUSSSS by Grincha Angry Joe Stamp1 by Demoncherry Angry Joe Stamp2 by Demoncherry Gears 3_stamp_ by SheiraFenix Gears of War 2 Stamp by REDWOOD3D I support carmine bros stamp by WinterSpectrum TF:War for Cybertron stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed :thumb324950312: Deadpool Stamp by Akira-kyuketsuki Deadpool-Rocket Stamp by The-GreenGoblin C.Carmine stamp by LaDarkA117 Rouge Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Dante_Stamp by Ruumatsuku Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje I believe that Keith... by woodooferret RED Band Stamp by AlfaFilly Godzilla Victory Dance Stamp by MiniGorbi :thumb92858061: - Godzilla Stamp - by FelipeChoque Dance Spidey Dance by DK-DarkKitty :thumb282757501: Hamboning stamp by DannyCat-X3 Macy's Day Rick Roll-Stamp by ipodavatarfan PS3 Owner Stamp by Davidgtza2 Super Mecha Death Christ stamp by LadyVanDaleGribble Rouge love by xRubiMalonex Blaze love by xRubiMalonex Amy love by xRubiMalonex Modern Tails love by xRubiMalonex Playin' the Xbox360 by ginacartoon :thumb271271170: Dreamcast Stamp by rustyrayz Gamecube Lover Stamp by Sora05 Swiggity Swousand R-DASH 5000 by Super-Hedgehog That's Spike Stamp by harvestcheddar Wingboner Swag Stamp by harvestcheddar High Score In Reverse Stamp by harvestcheddar Animaniacs Stamp by CartoonFanaticDude22 Littlest Pet Shop 2012 by ZetaRarity I HATE Disney Channel :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Sly Cooper Stamp by MeckelFoxStudio Carmelita Stamp by Verona7881 Pacific Rim Fan Stamp by Jailboticus Xbox 360 stamp by Sonozaki-Mion Halo Reach Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Call of Duty stamp by SuperFlash1980 Gears of War Stamp by FlippinPhil Old and new Spiderman movies by Colonel-Chicken Old and new Batman movies by Colonel-Chicken Homer stamp by Strange-little-cat South Park Stamp by umbrehla I Liked equestria Girls- Stamp by 2ButterBall3 Equestria Girls Gorgeous Twilight Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Stamp by NatouMJSonic Sonic Voice Actors Stamp by NsiderBurningBlaze To whiny fans. by ARTic-Weather Gamer tolerance stamp by BlueDragonKaiser Sonic the Movie Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Strange, isn't it? Stamp by seashellby I Love Woods by Coley-sXe Sgt Woods stamp by Coley-sXe I Love Soap by Coley-sXe I Love Price by Coley-sXe I love DMason by Coley-sXe Arbiter Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki Stamp: Chief and Arbiter by Tee-J Sargent Johnson stamp by Rattler20200 Dying eye + stamp + by CheyenneRalphsPhotos :thumb127496737: Halo Rox Stamp by ashleywhttkr halo sniped stamp by anarksona Sly Cooper Stamp by ecokitty Scorpion Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki Sly Cooper - Stamp by Eva49 Sly x Carmelita Stamp by Lady-Anabel-Sagwa Sly Cooper Fan Stamp by ShadowDraik L4D2 - Ellis Stamp by KikiLime and you can draw more than pony hate art by pixelat0ry MLP FIM Stamp. by Pinky1babe Here Comes Twilight Stamp by Kevfin Protect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocks THIS is WHINING Stamp by arsh-stamps Twilight Needs More Love :c by CocoChipooRocks Flutterlove Stamp by CocoChipooRocks Rainbow Derp by azianwolfdoll :thumb272129579: It Offends Me So It Should Be Off Air by endler Pinkie Pie  - Fireworks by PokuMii Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls AppleJack Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Fluttershy Stamp by NatouMJSonic Danny Phantom Stamp by ecokitty Avatar Stamp by CallistoHime STAMP - Felicia by Emme-Gray Bunnie Rabbot Stamp by Cha0zGallAnT Indiana Jones Stamp by pillze69 Fluffle Puff Fan Stamp by Jailboticus Sarge Fans Stamp by drakeara Stamp: You just got Sarge'd by Nawamane Deez Nuts by CaptainTimber RedVsBlue Stamp - Both Teams by DJH4311 Celldweller Stamp by dazza1008 Stamp 17 (Own Little World) by Synthetic--Ecstasy Uncharted Stamp by konallei Isaac Clarke Stamp by Sessum MLP: Derpy Stamp by BabysMother MV Superheroes: Spiderman by AraulsStamps :thumb386687508: Darth Vader Stamp by IndustriousRage Stamp::Bioshock:Infinite: by Rayne-Is-Butts Carmelita Stamp by Verona7881 Dante Love Stamp by Silent-DownPour Panty and Stocking Stamp by Veminya Brief Stamp by Taezeon Dieto peekaboo stamp by LilithiumStamps Stocking: I love sweet stamp by xXBloody-MagicXx Stamp - Panty And Stocking 02 by Kaki-Graphics Scanty and Kneesocks Stamp by slateport Scanty punches Panty stamp by LilithiumStamps Kneesocks Stamp by MichaLeely ruuru. by x-nauts PSG Stocking stamp by xselfdestructive Panty Vs Scanty Stamp by AtlasMaximus Panty Stamp by Creative-Torpor Panty Stamp by Kitten-Friend chuckchuckchuckchuckchuck. by x-nauts Panty and Stocking Stamp by Chidori-Rain Panty and Stocking Stamp by Taezeon They are the reason why Earth is still alive. by Little-rolling-bean Gee, you think you know everything, don't you? by Little-rolling-bean Fish are living things too! by Little-rolling-bean Save the Sharks by Cynpai PSG Gaga stamp by xselfdestructive Stocking: Tea Time Stamp by xOniHime panty -stamp- by Tobari21 I love Crocodiles by WishmasterAlchemist I love Alligators by WishmasterAlchemist LIEK OMG ONLEE BABYZ PLEY N1NTND0 by UmbraWitchJeanne Scanty and Kneesocks fan stamp by leehalea Scanty Stamp by MS-Pixels Kneesocks Stamp by MS-Pixels Stocking Stamp by Creative-Torpor .::Stocking Stamp::. by GiloloxGikoko Stocking Stamp by MichaLeely Predator stamp by Rattler20200 Colonial Marine stamp by Rattler20200 Alien Stampy by pandoras-rose alien stamp by otakulottie aliens stamp by otakulottie Predator Stamp by AlienVPredator Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Pearl Stamp by Twinky-05 Maud Pie stamp by Rangaku Coco Pommel by Rangaku EG Sunset Shimmer Stamp by NatouMJSonic Sunset Shimmer Has A Plan Stamp by harvestcheddar Evil Dead stamp by tsmarcus BOOMSTICK. by Celestetheburninator Peter-Cullen-Bday-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Predators Stamp by metal-marty Twilight Sparkle (Unicorn and Alicorn) Fan by sadlonelylittlegirl MARVEL Peter Parker Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Gwen Stacy Stamp by TwilightProwler FoC Grimlock stamp by D-NightRain WfC Breakdown stamp by D-NightRain TFP Smokescreen stamp by D-NightRain TFP Optimus stamp by D-NightRain

AVGN Fan button: animated by samusmmx <object width="450" height="204"><param name="movie" value="…"><param name="flashvars" value="id=415091852&width=1337"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="…" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="204" flashvars="id=415091852&width=1337" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed></object>
AVGN Fan button: animated by ~samusmmx on deviantART

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Just a request please.....can some one make some War For Cybertron, Fall Of Cybertron, and Age Of Extinction buttons please? No I'm not kidding I wanna put more Transformers buttons on here. Including ones of Grimlock and wussy Breakdown not the strong menacing Breakdown heh heh....I just don't like that version much. Not to sound like a hypocrite but yeah. :XD:

Oh yeah I feel like ranting here a bit. Not to sound like a dick lol.......but okay so no Predator button or Yautja one.......NONE! As I know....I don't think typing Hish will help ether. Some one please make one cause I feel I can not post a Alien/Xenomorph button on here without a Predator one. Here let's use Arine's tone of how he feels about this.… What he would say? Arine: I AM PISSED WHERE IS MY PREDATOR BUTTON THE ALIENS ARE GERMS! I WANT TO BE IN AN ALIENS MOVIE! Wait is their buttons of me. Also hey I did fought Aliens it was in that arcade game. SO I HAVE FOUGHT ALIENS IN SOMETHING OFFICAL! Still.....imagine me in a Aliens least we have Youtube now. Also imagine me in a old AVP film with Ripley or whatever...someone needs to make a awesome fanmade trailer I'd thought of...using clips from mostly Aliens and Predator, and a bit of Predator 2 also Alien. This is the governator signing out however that's spelt.

Really I don't wanna bitch including I am just making a joke there. Including being a fan of both the Predator and Alien series. Just Arine is so easy to make fun of at times lol.

Credits to people who made buttons. Maybe put more on here later I'm new to this here.*re and dot update by mistakenly erased ha....ugh.*

:thumb425326425: ""
:thumb425327354: ""

Favorite characters what I feel like posting it. :iconchowderluv: did just saying.

Just a little something. The fangirls(Good ones.) have their COD(Call of Duty men.) while I have my PSG/PASWG(Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.) girls here.

:iconbigheartplz: :iconpspantyplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconstockingderpplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconpsscantyplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconkneesocksnotamused: :iconbigheartplz:

Incest no uck sorry. Even if I don't really support. Just saying I like these four heh heh. ^^;

Favorite pairings weird I'd make this yet Chowederluv made a list before. ^^;

:iconslycooperplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconask-carmelita-fox:

:iconrvbchurchplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconagenttexplz:

:iconpspantyplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icongeekboyplz:

:iconmasterchiefplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconcortanaplz:

Spiderman/Peter Parker X Gwen Stacy.

Other ships which aren't my main ones. Some are some personal favorites. But ones I personally really like for reasons. And to me sorry to say they make sense. ^^;

:icontfpoptimusplz: :iconbigheartplz: :icontfparceeplz:
:iconsonicthehedgehogplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconsallyacornplz:
:iconsonicthehedgehogplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconminamongooseplz:
:icontailsplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconcosmoplz:(Even if Sonic X is okay. Season 3 was the best, the first two seasons were medicore heh heh lol. Seriously I thought they were. Even if I don't know what medicore really means much like good and bad?)

Spiderman(Spectacular Cartoon, Sami Rami, Marc Webb, and New Animated Series versions.), Optimus Prime(Prime, movie, G1 and WFC/FOC versions.), and Batman.(Animated Series, Christopher Nolan, and Arkham series versions.)

More favorite characters. Just some fan favorites that's all. How about some Godzilla and SpongeBob? :icongodzillaplz: :iconspongebobplz: And Scooby also Shaggy. :iconscoobydooplz: :iconshaggyplz:




:iconspikeandraritylove: :iconfluttershy-lovers: :iconfluttershy-fans: and a whole bunch of other clubs to show my love
check all groups to see what groups im in please if you want to or not






:iconshialabeoufplz: DONT DIS THE LABEOUF OR HE WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!! :icondemonplz: hehehe :iconpinkiegonecrazyplz:

im a bondage fan check below on ID please

dear friends
:iconcelestialtabris: :iconcotton-candy-heaven: :iconanimulus: :iconraphaelatheturtel: :iconpokemonfan00: :iconajleefan4life: :iconsonicfreak4455: :iconsuperrux123: :iconizcalli2006: :iconquietforte: :iconatrixfromice: :iconjumpjivejen: :iconcassini90125: :iconfemale-thespian: :iconimhappy4ever: and many more

BULL CRUD NO! im not gonna do that thing when you tag me or even something else

:iconbondageplz: :icontapeplz: :iconropeplz:

In honor of Gravity Fall's 2nd season showing up soon(AUG 1st baby oh rah.) a very silly joke question. Which creature would you want to see in the show?(Not to be taken very seriously.) 

2 deviants said Slenderman.
2 deviants said All.
1 deviant said Arnold Schwarzenegger.
No deviants said The Predator/Yautja.
No deviants said Amethyst.
No deviants said Maud Pie.
No deviants said Chrysalis.
No deviants said Kim Kardashian.

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