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More Mlp Fim what

I seriously thought I updated this thing last night but nope.

So here, yet I question this, not to sound rude..........why do we have the option to show off a gallery that isn't really full of our work? Maybe to spread the art. And you know that's the point of this. Since I am a Brony. I'd like to share many of the pieces or art or whatever I have faved on here. Including some arts that are very beautiful and grand. But also some so well done it actually looks like it's from the show. Comics, fanarts, vectors(Or whatever their tell you the truth I kind of like vectors. ), and other things. It can be surprising but don't worry no porn. Yet I question that............why post that on this site when it's not allowed? But seriously I don't fave that crud on here since it's against the rules on this site. Or in the words of the Demon Sisters the RURU'S!


This kind of goes for the same reason like the MLP FIM faves thing. Also this is the 2nd time I wanted to post this cause I didn't install this last night. Also even if to me EG is still a part of MLP FIM. I will say I do support the film. And including defend as a movie that isn't so bad as I studied it. Not to sound like a smart butt. But it's far from the worse thing I've ever seen.

But also I hope this is supporting the group. For more news, updates, and other stuff on Equestria Girls join this group. :iconequestriagirls: The largest group on DA I think. Where they have contests, share news(Which is what I said lol.) and other things.

So yeah expect some awesome grand, and beautiful art in here. Whether comics, fanart, vectors(I told you I don't mind those cause I have no problem with them. Including I actually kind of like them. and other things. Don't worry theirs no porn.

You I think of it......seriously just why? Why post it on this site didn't they read the rules(RURU'S!) or felt like DA wouldn't care.........just asking if you find any thing porn or whatever related in it. Anything Rule 34 report it or I guess inform me or Cassini90125. I just feel like saying that's all. Oh these faces............

Okay you know.....why yes the movie is very........very.........very flawed. Wow three like season 3 enough heh. But mostly.............I'd like to see more EG stuff then just ponies all the time. Despite of me faving a devation that features Derpy. Including explains all the problems with the film....and one long comment know...........I know I'm bringing a unneeded name into this. And yes my spelling and grammar is still bad. But you know............this is just EG....the first Baby Geniuses? Thanks computer address and YT for helping me with that word. And yeah my laptop fixes some problems........seriously.....try comparing Equestria Girls to Baby Geniuses.....and your talking to someone who has seen the film. Or you know I haven't seen this it to Garbage Pail Kids. Also just........don't get me started on Aliens vs Predator(2) Requiem heh which I would......but seeing and studying that film.......shows and makes of the greatest films of all time. I may be overreacting but good God. And I've been thinking this cause I just posted that poll concerning if I should buy this game ha.

Rainbow Rocks....such a major improvement. Laptop spelt(splt?) improvement right. I'm not kidding ha.

Steven Universe

A show I will well I think I do talk about it a lot. Quite much whatever lol man hehe. Just Animal Planet on, with me watching Fosters Home S5 let me check EP11 S5 EP11. Also 1:10 AM with a DDP still have some good man

So yeah Steven Universe big fan. Also if you watch me and are a fan or even a big fan. I actually post news and updates about the show. Such as reviews of new episodes and even promo's of upcoming episodes. I don't really do much discussions or I think I haven't just nuff man. So watch me if you want. Just my journals seem to well pop up a lot. Including I mention little SU(Steven Universe) things in journals that aren't really concerned with the show. I'd do that to save for making another journal. Including it's great to see a new episode. Including give my thoughts on it.

Really I hope people join along with me. As a big fan of this show by Rebecca Sugar and the other many talented people I have just hard time remembering or spelling no offense people okay. Might wanna do discussions if anyone's involved with them. I fixed anyone's also Fro did too. Any way just saying that's all I just think some fans or hope I think just I'd like to keep up with the show. And make sure people know what's going on. And other stuff. Lord I would love to do a podcast and easter egg hunts. Yet that sounds crazy just nuff. But I don't have a Youtube account or know how to make one never mind.

Gravity Falls

Red vs Blue


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Really this is weird. Hope you don't mind a lot of these journals. Mainly the Spider-Man ones. I feel to me personally I wanna talk about them. And inform you guys so I can spread the word lol man hehe. Nuff okay just I feel Fro took out third E okay man nuff. Really you can tell me what you think. Just I feel like posting something. That's it I'm gotta make a third popcorn lol.

And just a comment below that Spider-Man Comicbookcast2 video a reboot movie and Netflix. Yeah this is legit CIVIL WAR. Marvel and Sony are fighting over Spider-Man. Sony is Pro-Reg, and Marvel is Anti-Reg man okay. Just I like reading comments and what people should know these supposed rumors just they seem legit and concerning just this Sony hack holy shit man. Just I still question how the fuck is that possible. It's 2:43 AM man nuff said lol nuff man okay. Ugh.

Update it's 3:12 AM watched Sevenwebheads two videos that were the last ones for a while lol man hehe. Little Big Planet 2 SE is done. And oh yeah about the Spidey costume I even looked this up on DA. But what if we get those web armpits back. Ummmm no one even questions those things. Like in Spectacular Spider-Man and I want the movie to be called just guys these talks could be legit serious happening now or whatever shit is happening stop.  Drank DDP good wiped fingers a bit no new Comicbookcast2 video. I think Fro didn't touch bit lol nuff twitch a bit. It's cold a little just nuff okay man hehe nuff. Nuff drank DDP again and wipe just enjoy please I guess. And be on the look out for more news lol soon and their will be more Spidey news okay nuff man okay.

Update 3:15 AM no I won't go to the bathroom lol man hehe. These journals are quite crazy and I need to calm down on saying too much repeated words. I'm hearing Seven's voice in my head. Fro didn't spelling hearing I think. Okay nuff just be on the look out for more news ummm okay.

Update 9:49 AM man hehe watched the latest Sevenwebheads video. Had two pieces and three warmed up pieces of Me N Eds Pepperroni pizza and have DDP. And I squirted. Okay I'm officially done I'm not gotta touch that spot from lol now on exuse me big burp. For a couple of weeks man yeah I'm not touching it. Nuff played that first level of the LBP2 Marvel level lost at it just I'm not touching or going to do that for the next couple of weeks.
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hi everyone this is sonicladiesman11 :iconnoblooplz: :iconbloolaplz:

: dev username: Without spaces. SonicLadiesMan11 Thanks again :iconblue-spritz: for showing it again. This time without me seeing the journal preview.

(I copied this and had problems like deleted a bit from that quote part. But I'm trying to make this ID look a bit cleaner. Also deleted some other things. So here people.)

Really I could say I'm some guy who enjoys watching Steven Universe, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic(Including Equestria Girls.), Red vs Blue, and many other things. Including being a huge fan of Spiderman, Transformers, Predator, Alien, and other things. Also being a collector of a lot of stuff in some cases. I just like to expand my liking for many things. Also that of me being some what this fan boy/lover of the Crystal Gem named Pearl. But also loving ALL the other Gems including Amethyst, Garnet, and Steven. I'm typically a child still at heart. Who's seen a lot of things. In fact I'm still a teenager lol. Also fan of animation and try to see a lot. Or something like that. Just saying I'm a fan of animation too. Can't see everything maybe lol. Or that's just me. ^^.; I think forgot to mention I have Autism........yeah. ^^.;

(Cause of this update just here are some facts if you want. I had to press my profile name or whatever to start over this update I am now typing ha.)

A simple quote(Laptop fix that lol that's all hehe.) I do feel is quite strong. Including I ant to post other ones if I feel whatever.

“Think you can’t write women? Don’t. Write people and make them women.” - Lauren Faust
*Also thank you Gameboysage for showing that that's all people.:lol: Enough dang it damn it.*

Personal favorite characters well let me go to the comments secetion to try some things made a spelling error hehe. -m-;

:iconoptimusprimeplz: :iconsupearlplz: :iconspideyplz: :iconsuamethystplz: :icongarnet-plz: :iconstevenuniverseplz: :iconsunsetshimmerplz: :icondipperpinesplz: :iconmabelpinesplz: :icongrimlockplz: :iconwendy-plz: :iconironmanplz: :iconcaptainamericaplz: :iconultronplz: Why yes I watched two Crystal Gems and you know I'm gotta post that comment for the fun of it ha man.
Also these girls here. :iconadagiodazzleplz: :iconariablazeplz: :iconsonataduskplz: Used the comment thing seriously okay copied this but why do I like but what ha? Also what about this guy? :iconbillcipherplz: Oh so many others ha ha.

Will mention some of my favorite female characters.
1. Pearl.(Steven Universe.).
2. Sunset Shimmer.(MLP FIM/Equestria Girls.).
3. Frankie Foster.(Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.)
4. Callie Briggs.(Swat Kats.)
5. Amethyst.(Steven Universe.)
6. Garnet.(Steven Universe.)
7. Wendy Corduroy.(Gravity Falls.)
8. Jenny Wakeman/XJ9.(My Life As A Teenage Robot.)
9. Dr. Paula Hutchinson.(Rocko's Modern Life.)
10. Korra.(Legend Of Korra.)
11. Cloudy Jane/CJ.(Regular Show.)
12. Asami Sato.(Legend Of Korra.)
13. Panty Anarchy.(PSG/PASWG Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.)
14. Stocking Anarchy.(PSG/PASWG Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.)
15. Scanty Corset.(PSG/PASWG Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.)
16. Kneesocks Corset.(PSG/PASWG Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.)
17. Vega.(My Life As A Teenage Robot.)
18. Lapis Lazuli.(Steven Universe.)
19. Misty.(My Life As A Teenage Robot.)
20. Coco.(Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.)
21. Goo.(Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.)
22. Sadie.(Steven Universe.)
23. Connie Maheswaran.(Steven Universe.)
24. Mabel Pines.(Gravity Falls.)
25. Rose Quartz.(Steven Universe.)
Update well I like women a lot and well I act weird a bit. Yet I respect them as much as I can. So yeah right there. Regular Show on lol man.

I just erased those 23 quick facts about me....meh ha. ^^.;

I actually have a lot of favorite movies. Erased the Transformers ones out let me type them here.

Can I just straight up say and I can't like fit one up there okay I straight up love those Scooby Doo direct to dvd/video movies. Most of God my childhood.......I love it. Also the Nicktoons childhood was awesome ha. Now I'm older liking more of Spiderman, and also Transformers, Steven Universe, ponies, Equestria Girls.........that seems silly but okay ha ha........I dig that dog and his friend Scooby and Shaggy.......those two are fricken awesome lol. As friends don't worry ha........what? Still just my God I so much in my childhood awesome and I'm older now hehe. ^^.;

Friends(I have many but here's some more on very bottom.) :iconchowderluv: :iconwinterdominus: :iconpandasennin: :iconajleefan4life: :iconsuperrux123: :iconjarredspekter: :iconatrixfromice: :iconcassini90125: :iconnyanferb:

My own personal quotes. If I ever feel like posting new ones and old ones whatever.

Stamp collection new one. Forget the other part really I put those when I was younger. But I wanna keep them cause I mean that was a lot of work and I like the whole long page thing that people notice and talk about.

</i </

Just asking who has Netflix. 

3 deviants said No.
2 deviants said Yes.

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